Exercise Tips

The debate has been around nearly as long as butter and margarine themselves.

Recalls of listeria-contaminated foods have dropped, but some are still at risk.

An explosion of new research is vastly changing scientists’ understanding of diabetes and giving new clues about how to attack it.

Women who go onto their hands and knees while in labor may be able to reduce the pain of childbirth, researchers say.

The cane toad is growing so big and hopping so rapidly into new territory that they are developing severe arthritis.

Sudden knee buckling seems to be fairly common even among people with no known knee problems.

A machine that assess nerve fibers in the retina may offer a better way to measure the progression of multiple sclerosis, researchers said yesterday.

Nutritional supplements are generally not taken into account when health researchers try to get a snapshot of the nation’s nutritional habits, a new study finds.

Insurance, not race, seems to play a role in the risk of developing a burst appendix, a new study shows.

Is television at the dinner table better than no dinner table at all?

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