What do Indians think of sports women in india?


The situation of sport in india, especially for women, is something that can be pondered about. Games for women have existed for many centuries in the world. Women have known to participate in sports in both amateur and professional ways. It has improved to a great extent over the past few decades. Sportswomen are receiving more and more appreciation and respect that they deserve. But to what extent this is true and legitimate remains the real question to be pondered.

What is the current situation of sports women in india?

India is not a country where women have been known to have received the paradigm of status and respect in most fields. It is even more evident in the matter of sports. For an extended period, games in India has been dominated by men. The sports women in india have never been considered as essential or efficient as their male counterparts. It is nothing surprising considering the mentality of a patriarchal society that often confuses women’s oppression with culture.

For a peaceful life and a healthy body and mind, sports and exercise are an essential requirement. It is valid for all human beings, irrespective of their gender. Games often serve as a medium for athletes to express themselves. The movement and exercise give them self-confidence and increases their self-esteem. It is the reason; everyone should be encouraged to participate more in sports. The case of women’s participation in sports in india has been progressive over time. More and more women athletes are gaining the limelight these days, and their progress is commendable. Modernization and feminism are bringing about a positive change regarding this, which is evident from the fact that most people have a positive attitude towards women’s sports in India. 

Recent research brought these facts into the light. A majority of people were supportive of women in sports and encouraged equal payment of female athletes. However, about 42 percent of the people were very negative about it. Their reviews ranged from women’s games is not as entertaining to it harming their appearance and childbearing capabilities. It puts into question how much is the situation of india at sports and women in sports is making progress and growing. 

How often does women’s participation in sports in india occur?

Many indian women in sports are gaining more and more popularity in games. It does not correspond to the fact to the fact that women are getting plenty of scopes to participate. Sports have never received exceptional encouragement in Indian society. It is just viewed as an extracurricular activity whose importance decreases a lot after a certain point in life. Many children and teens have great potential but never get the chance to explore it because they consider sports a waste of time. India has produced many great athletes and indian best women in sports. There is no shortage of talent in the country. But there is a bias and lack of scope and exposure in many cases.

The research findings showed that 64 percent of adults in India did not participate in any kind of sports or physical activity. It, in itself, is a significant number. When the remainder is considered, it points to the fact that comparatively fewer people participate in sports, which is certainly not enough to promote sports or improve the condition of games in the country, especially indians women.

When this is again divided based on gender, it was observed that only 42 percent of adult males participated in sports while only 29 percent of women did so. It provides a clear-cut picture of the condition of Indian women in sports as well as the type of scope and encouragement they receive. The age and gender group that is most dominant by number in the field is 15-24 years males.

When viewed based on states, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra had the highest number of participants with 54 and 53 percent, respectively. In the northern states of Punjab and Haryana, only there was a participation of only 15 percent.

Who are the most famous athletes among indian women in sports?

It is a known fact that India has provided many great athletes to the world. Even if a majority of them are male and are more appreciated and revered, nowadays, many sportswomen of india are gaining a lot of appreciation and recognition.

There is no lack of people who still do not acknowledge these women. Fifty percent of the people in the research mentioned above were unable to name even one sportswoman. Thirty percent of these people could not name any sportsman, which gives a clear insight into the lack of awareness and interest in sports, despite being an essential and potentially fascinating part of life.

In India, for a majority of people, sports coincide with cricket. Even in that case, women’s cricket is not something they show any interest or appreciation for. Consequently, when these people were questioned, they named Sachin Tendulkar, a big star despite his retirement. Ironically, the very talented younger players do not receive even a smidge of this recognition and respect they deserve. It increases manifold when it comes to sports women of india.

Many sportswomen who managed to make a big name for themselves are recognized and remembered. This indian sports womens list includes Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, PT Usha, etc. overall, about 83 percent of people showed an excellent enough recognition of athletes, but male athletes largely dominated these recognitions.

What is the general attitude towards women’s participation in sports in india?

The general attitude of Indians, as concluded from this research, towards women sports, is not very promising. Neither do they recognize the exceptional athletes in their field, nor do they show any kind of encouragement and appreciation. A large number of people even seem to think sports are unnecessary and also unsuitable for women. It is because sports do not have the importance it deserves when it comes to actual participation. There is a severe lack of progressive and sexism and gender bias-free mentality of the people.

People’s general attitude is largely clouded by the patriarchal and biased propaganda that has been the norm for ages. A considerable amount of positive changes are visible in the youth who are more aware and appreciative of these things. But at the same time, a lot is yet to be achieved in this matter.


Women in sports are just as efficient and essential as men in sports. Game is a crucial part of life and society, and everyone should be free to participate in it. All the bias and ignorance need to be shed, and open interest and encouragement need to be demonstrated for sports and sportspersons who work hard with dedication and achieve excellence in their fields.

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