How today sports news are doing in India

Sports in the country are managed by a division of the Ministry of education of India, which is headed by a sports adviser. The National Council for sport and physical education is directly supervised by the Ministry of education. Its tasks include:

  • coordination of sports activities in all states of the country,
  • organization of competitions,
  • development of construction of sports centers.

Physical education and today sports news in schools, colleges, and universities are managed by the national youth council.

The national council for sport and physical education was founded by the government of India in 1954. However, its activities have taken on a planned nature and become based on a scientific basis only in recent years. Currently, it consists of 16 people-the leading experts in sports in the country. The National Council and the Ministry of education of India are subordinate to the state sports councils.

In 1969, a national sports organization was established in India

Its mission is to help universities and colleges develop various sports. The organization supplies them with sports equipment, equips sports grounds, provides coaches, organizes advanced training courses for coaches, and recommends highly gifted schoolchildren and students to special sports colleges. At present, there are about thirty of them in India.

The increase in funds for sports purposes allowed us to expand and modernize the old sports complexes and start building new ones. The salaries of coaches and teachers of physical culture and sports in schools, colleges, and universities were increased. These measures have a positive impact on the mass character of Indian sports.

Since 1936, the country has regularly held annual competitions “National movement for physical improvement”

According to official data, about 2 million people in India are currently regularly engaged in sports. To encourage the best athletes in the country, the government established the Arjuna award (the hero of the epic “Mahabharata”, who had great strength and dexterity) in 1961.

Several major sports facilities have been built in recent years. It is a national sports center in New Delhi with a total area of 110 acres. It includes a stadium with a field for football and grass hockey and an athletics track, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, cricket fields, and a swimming pool.

Football and grass hockey are the most popular sports. The country’s oldest clubs, the East Bengal club and Mahan Bagan in Calcutta were originally founded as football clubs and appeared at the latest sports news headlines. In addition, the country has developed athletics, especially middle-distance running. Indian medalists have performed successfully at major international competitions more than once. There have been some successes and the Indian freestyle wrestlers.

This sport is developed mainly in the state of Punjab. Equestrian sports are popular in the North of India, in particular in Rajasthan, tennis – in Maharashtra, badminton, and volandball (a type of badminton) – in the central regions of India, chess – in the south of the country. In these sports, as well as in cricket and billiards, competitions are regularly held within individual states and national championships.

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