Badminton-Indian sports

Armed with rackets, two players or two pairs throw a small projectile (a shuttlecock) over the net that divides the field in half. Each of the participants:

  • tries to land the shuttlecock on the enemy’s territory
  • at the same time, tries to prevent a fall at home.

Badminton is the second most popular and engaged sport in the world after football, it is played by every 50th inhabitant of the planet!

Most of our compatriots know this Indian sports only as a kind of summer vacation. Few people know that badminton is one of the most energy-intensive sports and is even included in the cosmonaut training program. Of course, such loads impose high demands on the physical form of athletes. An important condition for success is endurance, but you also need to have remarkable strength, flexibility, agility, speed, and coordination.

Professionals hone all these qualities with special exercises, but, of course, their development is perfectly facilitated by the game itself. Regular classes can increase the body’s endurance, strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and get rid of excess weight.

History of badminton development

The history of badminton goes back thousands of years. According to some sources, the first fans were found among the ancient Greeks (who, however, tossed the shuttlecock not with rackets, but with their hands and feet). However, according to most researchers, the modern version of badminton came from an Indian sport called “Poona”, which was picked up by British army officers in the 1860s.

Its spread in Europe was greatly facilitated by the English Duke of Beaufort. In 1873, he built the first amateur court on his estate and then infected numerous relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances with his passion. The game inherited its new name from his estate – Badminton house. Just 20 years later, the English badminton association published a full set of rules, and the first official tournament was held 5 years later.

In 1934, the World Badminton Federation appeared, which has grown from 9 participating countries to 177. Then important and prestigious sport live tournaments which are known to everyone now, began to be held: the Men’s Thomas Cup, the Women’s Uber Cup, the World Cup, the Sudirman Cup for mixed teams. Finally, in 1992, badminton was included in the program of the Summer Olympic games, which gave it an additional impetus for development.

Today, its popularity around the world continues to gain momentum. South-East Asians who consistently win up to 90% of awards at international tournaments are the most popular.

Sports badminton

Fans most often practice a simplified version of the game, its meaning is to work together to keep the shuttlecock in the air as long as possible. You do not need any special knowledge, no grid, no platform of strictly verified sizes. Sports badminton differs from traditional amateur entertainment. In sports badminton, the game is played on account of strictly defined rules. Special requirements apply to the equipment and court.

Badminton has been an Olympic sport since 1992 and is one of the three most physically demanding game sports. In a single match, a badminton player runs the length of more than ten kilometers and jumps to a height of more than a kilometer, while the match itself can last more than an hour.

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